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Hello All,

As you may have noticed we have completed the upgrade of the previous version of the NAPCA forum to the most recent software offered.  This upgrade will ensure that the forum continues to function for many years to come without the software becoming out of date.  It employs a great number of improvements, but with those improvements comes mass confusion and the need to relearn a bit about how to use our forum. 

1.  Click on this link or enter this exactly into your web browser of choice

2.  Click on the Sign In link at the top right hand corner of the screen.  It is a white link in a blue bar.  The Sign in screen will appear.

3.  In the space provided for Sign in name, enter your full name (i.e. John Doe).  This isnot your email address.  Be sure to include a space between your first and your last name. 

4.  In the space provided for Password, enter your password.  If you have forgotten your password you can use the I forgot my password function just below the Sign In button or you can email me and ask Tom Jr.  to reset your password at

5.  Click the Sign In button. You will be taken directly to the Home Page of the NAPCA Members Forum. 

To view the forums click on the Forums item in the main menu.

You will see a list of the most recent posts in the Topics area and you will see the list of all of the individual forums under Browse Discussions.

NOTE:  The Browse Discussions section is BELOW the most recent posts.  Click on any discussion to get to the list of topics and participate in the forum. 





We have increased the size of photos that can be uploaded to the forum.  The limit is now 512k (or about 1/2 MB).  Enjoy the additional detail!


Some members are upset that photographs are getting cut off in the forum list view.  This is because the members posting have been uploading images that are larger than 800 pixels wide (the recommended width for photos in the forum).  If you need to see detail on a photo that is getting cut off, simply click on it to view it in a separate window.


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